the Alchera Dream Software - Your dream history

With plenty of dreams you'll want to occasionally review your previous dreams. Alchera lets you tag your dreams with your own custom made labels.

The above dream has the label "False Awakening" attached, in the category "Personal Theme".

Labels within a group can produce charts, like this one:

Labels can also be used to search dreams having particular labels. You can set up as labels and as many groups of labels as you wish.

Charts can be saved and printed through a (click right mouse button) context menu.

Some people like to keep track to characters (people and animals) or emotions in their dreams. That can be done right next to the dream description, with simple drag and drop of names in the dream description:

Much scientific research has been done on such statistics. Compare your own dreams (grey bars in the middle) against those of the "average" man or woman:

The above dreamer seems to dream a lot of strangers. This is the same data for the dreamer alone, shown as a pie chart:

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