Customer Service - Support questions

Pre-sales questions

Make sure to use the contact form if your question isn't answered here.

Does Alchera run on the Mac?

No, sorry.

Some people get confused by Microsoft Office for the Mac. It looks much like Microsoft Office for Windows, but really is a different kind of software.

Any plans for a Mac edition?

Apple sells great computers, just not enough of them to recover development costs of a special Mac edition of Alchera.

What about other languages?

The symbol page understands German and Dutch, meaning that it will link symbols in those languages to explanations in the English symbol dictionary.

Why the name Alchera?

Alchera refers to the native Australian concept of the Dreamtime. The Dreamtime is the place were the world was created, and still is being created.

The Aboriginals have many different names for the DreamTime. The Arunta of Western Central Australia call it Alchera, Altyerre, Altjeringa, Alcheringa, or Aldjerinya. The Gija, who live in the same area, refer to it as Ngarrangkarni. The Warlpiri in central Australia call it Tjukurrpa.

After-sales questions

I want to move Alchera to a new computer

You'll need your original registration email (see next question) for information on downloading and installing Alchera.

Use backup and restore to move your data. See the how to section.

Tip: on the new computer, don't let Alchera create a new database if you plan to move over your existing data. In other words, first restore your existing data before you start up Alchera on the new computer.

I lost or never received my registration email

If you misplaced or lost it, use the Self Service form to resend your software key.

If you just ordered: sometimes PayPal is slow with confirming payments. Still waiting after several hours? The email probably got caught in your spam filters. Use the contact form to request a resend of your software key.

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