to Dream - Go on a Dream Quest

Incubating dreams

The idea of incubating a dream is that before going to sleep you ask your dreams to answer a specific question. To help you concentrate you could write it down in your notebook, embed the incubation in a small ritual or pray that your dreams may give you assistance. Whatever works for you.

Be prepared for unexpected answers

Dreams are surprisingly responsive to incubations. However, the kind of answer can be rather unexpected and if you're not careful you may overlook it entirely. Eg, if you ask for a poem or a song you could get lots of presents in your dream but no poem or song, which is the dream's way of saying that you aren't really interested in a poem or song but in something entirely different. The gifts you did get will tell you what your real interest is.

Incubation suggestions

Incubation can be used for anything you want to work with: finding answers to creative problems, understanding social problems, having relaxing and fun dreams, making career choices, etc.

If you're in for some experiments: Try dreaming you're somebody else. Or multiple persons at the same time. Or having multiple dreams at the same time. Try weird things like stepping through a wall or a mirror.

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